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About Tor-WebWeaver

Basic Profile

  • Name: Tor-WebWeaver
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • Categories: Psychics
  • Body: slim
  • Ethnicity: North European
  • Weight: 38kg (84 lbs)
  • Height: 150cm (4'11")
  • Hair Length: bald
  • Hair Color: blond
  • Eye Color: blue
  • Orientation: Straight

Languages spoken

  • English

About My Show

Psychic & spiritual coach.

My Expertise

Tor, is a UK based, Viking-blooded psychic, card reader, law of attraction expert & life coach who started on the online psychic circuit 11 years ago, while still a teen & juggling a professional music & media career.

Becoming aware of his abilities at the age of 4, Tor has spent his life time studying & practising various forms of divination, honing his natural psychic & healing abilities & becoming certified in many esoteric & coaching fields.

Although Tor started his psychic career “incognito”, he has built up a strong following of loyal clients & friends from around the world, some of whom have been with him since day one. As his life changed direction, esoteric work became his driving force & thus Tor went “cognito” .

Tor is regularly featured in international spiritual media, including TV & magazines.

Being fascinated by & strongly recognizing the symbology of spiders & their webs, Tor would like to help everyone “weave the life they truly desire”.


Tor would consider his main abilities to be “claircognizance” & “precognition”, which he describes as psychic spider-webs reaching out into the universe to provide him with knowledge.

He has very strong clairvoyant, clairaudient & clairsentient abilities too. As well as several other more unusual “clair” talents, mediumship skills (though this is not currently offered as a service) & natural healing talents.

Discovering scrying at a young age, quite by accident, when “people”, images & messages would be shown to Tor while in bath water, he has sharpened his scrying techniques & utilized many objects including snow globes, fire & coffee grounds/tea leaves to provide insight over the years.

Using pendulums since as far back as he can remember, Tor has had a lot of success with this type of divination for yes/no questions, sensing blockages, connecting to energy & even to send spiritual healing.

As a cartomancer (card reader) Tor has always had a deep affinity with cards of many types. Studying tarot since the age of 12 & mastering various other card reading systems throughout his journey, cards have become his main tool & “conduit” for receiving & providing quick information & answers. Tor will usually use a deck of “Sailor Moon” cards, which he refers to as his “Senshi” or “Warrior” decks. Creating his own system combining the Thoth tarot system, Gypsy card reading system, Norse Mythology & astrology.

Through studying & showing great skill in all the above, Tor earned a certificate in “Advanced Divination Mastery”.

The energies that Tor feel are around him & that he works with are predominantly fae energies. The fairies act as spirit guides & often provide information via channelled messages & lend their energies to Tor's healing works. It's fair to say Tor is a “fae pagan”.

Tor also has qualifications in law of attraction & life coaching & so is not only able to give you the information you seek but how best to utilize it & reached your desired goals.