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About TJay Psychic

Basic Profile

  • Name: TJay Psychic
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: United Kingdom


  • Categories: Psychics
  • Body: slim
  • Ethnicity: North European
  • Weight: 38kg (84 lbs)
  • Height: 150cm (4'11")
  • Hair Length: bald
  • Hair Color: blond
  • Eye Color: blue
  • Orientation: Straight

Languages spoken

  • English

About My Show

Celebrity psychic offering concise & honest answers to your psychic questions.

My Expertise

TJay (Tor James) is one of the breakout psychic stars of the last few years. Swapping a long-term career in music for a career in providing spiritual guidance, in front of & behind the camera.

In recent years TJay has been featured many times in the media demonstrating his psychic skills, presenting spiritual based shows and sharing knowledge on various esoteric subjects.

Being described by those who've worked with him as being “charismatic”, “full of energy” & “down to earth” he has charmed various audiences & amassed a loyal following.

During his time as a child performer, TJay gained a vast amount of media & stage experience which he uses today for his spiritual media endeavours. This is also when his psychic career started. He set up his psychic practice at the tender age of 17, largely keeping it a secret & using a pseudonym, so that he could juggle both careers without them overlapping.

In 2015, TJay realised his true path was to use his psychic gifts and esoteric knowledge to guide people and so came out of the shadows to put a face to his psychic work.

It has been an extraordinary few years for TJay. Gaining many new media credits under his belt, creating his own oracle deck, winning psychic accolades, producing his own spiritual radio shows & meditations.

On top of this and what T Jay is most proud of, is that he continues to have private practice of long term clients.


Psychic Today (Sky Channel 680) – TV : Various shows as webcam & in studio psychic. Doing live readings, being interviewed & presenting/interviewing.

Spirit & Destiny – Magazine : Various articles as a featured fairy expert.

Get Resmerized (American Paranormal/Psychic Show) - Various Platforms : Various shows as co-host. Also voice over talent.

Weave Your Web (Spiritual Radio Show) – Radio : Host, creator & producer of theme music.

Oracle's Point of View (Radio Show hosted by international psychic & author Sonia Nadina Haynes) – Radio : Special Guest

Psychic Biz Live (Live Psychic Panel Show) – Various Platforms : Series One, featured panellist in various episodes. Series Two (Spin Off), co-host.

Weekly Fae Readings – YouTube Series : Free general weekly readings. Host & creator.

Psychic Today Blog – New monthly contributor.

Oranum Blog – Contributing expert.

Fate & Fortune – Magazine : Celebrity Readings

Psychic Arena (Radio Show) – Creator & Host



T Jay, is a UK based, Viking-blooded psychic, card reader, law of attraction expert & life coach who started on the online psychic circuit 10 years ago, while still a teen & juggling a professional music & media career.

Becoming aware of his abilities at the age of 4, T Jay has spent his life time studying & practising various forms of divination, honing his natural psychic & healing abilities & becoming certified in many esoteric & coaching fields.

Although T Jay started his psychic career “incognito”, he has built up a strong following of loyal clients & friends from around the world, some of whom have been with him since day one. As his life changed direction, esoteric work became his driving force & thus T jay went “cognito” .

T Jay is regularly featured in UK based spiritual media, including TV & magazines.

Being fascinated by & strongly recognizing the symbology of spiders & their webs, T Jay would like to help everyone “weave the life they truly desire”.


T Jay would consider his main abilities to be “claircognizance” & “precognition”, which he describes as psychic spider-webs reaching out into the universe to provide him with knowledge.

He has very strong clairvoyant, clairaudient & clairsentient abilities too. As well as several other more unusual “clair” talents, mediumship skills (though this is not currently offered as a service) & natural healing talents.

Discovering scrying at a young age, quite by accident, when “people”, images & messages would be shown to T Jay while in bath water, he has sharpened his scrying techniques & utilized many objects including snow globes, fire & coffee grounds/tea leaves to provide insight over the years.

Using pendulums since as far back as he can remember, T Jay has had a lot of success with this type of divination for yes/no questions, sensing blockages, connecting to energy & even to send spiritual healing.

As a cartomancer (card reader) T Jay has always had a deep affinity with cards of many types. Studying tarot since the age of 12 & mastering various other card reading systems throughout his journey, cards have become his main tool & “conduit” for receiving & providing quick information & answers. T Jay will usually use a deck of “Sailor Moon” cards, which he refers to as his “Senshi” or “Warrior” decks. Creating his own system combining the Thoth tarot system, Gypsy card reading system, Norse Mythology & astrology.

Through studying & showing great skill in all the above, T Jay earned a certificate in “Advanced Divination Mastery”.

The energies that T Jay feel are around him & that he works with are predominantly fae energies. The fairies act as spirit guides & often provide information via channelled messages & lend their energies to T Jay's healing works. It's fair to say T Jay is a “fae pagan”.

T Jay also has qualifications in law of attraction & life coaching & so is not only able to give you the information you seek but how best to utilize it & reached your desired goals.